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Welcome to this family history website established by Arjuna Sittampalam. The information on family members collated so far can be seen on the People page. Some information on the family roots and achievements can be found on the Roots and Achievements page.

This website was initiated by Arjuna Sittampalam. The motivation behind it arose from several areas, as listed below:

  • As a memorial to my father, C. Sittampalam and my two sisters, Pushpalakshmi Sittampalam and Devalakshmi Balasunderam, in terms of the appreciation accorded to them on their deaths by distinguished commentators of their abilities and achievements.
  • To record distinguished achievements of forebears likely to be of interest to their descendents.
  • Role models in pursuing challenges - using talents, brains and energy. In particular, my great great grandfather Viswanathar and great grandfather Casipillai were legendary and provided inspiration and acted as role models for succeeding generations.
  • A focal point for Tamils as a leading family - note Neelan Thiruchelvam's accolade as a family of distinction in the public and intellectual life of this country.
  • The hope that descendants of those mentioned or their relatives and former residents of Ariyalai - where our family has been preeminent - and Tamils and Sri Lankans in general, will find the site of interest, and contribute any knowledge of those mentioned.
  • Roots - in the current globalising world, there is a desire among an increasing number of people, particularly those whose families have migrated to distant lands, to be aware of their roots. This is frequently observed among Irish-Americans. The roots of our family are likely to be of extra interest in light of the family's high distinction and achievements.
  • The current sources are all published material. Eventually, it is hoped to widen this to include reliable oral contributions.
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