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Devalakshmi Balasundaram

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Mrs Devalakshmi Balasundaram (Deva)

The following appeared in the memorial booklet published on Deva's death.

The recent demise of Mrs Devalakshmi Balasundaram, Deva to her friends and associates marks a fall of a Trojan who took up the challenges of life boldly and lived a meaningful and respected life.

Deva was deeply religious. She had an astounding knowledge of Hinduism and I can recollect several instances when she quoted vedic stanzas fluently to support her theory. Social law and Hinduism are the two topics she always liked to discuss and I had opportunities to discuss these topics with Deva whenever we met. Deva was a good listener and always very articulate of her views.

To my knowledge Deva was one of the very few lawyers who could dissect and analyze social implications of every Bill published. She would talk to her friends and associates and collect every possible interpretation of any clause she thought was affecting the interest of any section of the people. She will send representations and memorandums to the concerned authority to seek remedy.

C. Thangarajah

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